Ancestry - Family Tree

Hand-painted Personal Histories

Your history and ancestry can become an artwork in miniatures, a treasured family heirloom.

Jenny works with you to research and record details of family history and capture them visually in a bespoke painting. Some of Jenny's work with people in aged care is to gather stories and living memories to keep them alive and record them for posterity.

Commission an illuminated story to commemorate your family's history.

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Elli's Story

Elli’s Mandala consists of significant places and events along her journey towards adolescence. The blues and greens highlight the family’s regard for Nature and its nurturing and experiential role in shaping Elli's life.

Jacob's Story

In Jacob’s Mandala, his ancestors are celebrated through their involvement with community, work and creative endeavours, some of which mirror the talents and interests of their adolescent descendant.